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A murder victim is about to receive retribution from an unusual stranger. Play as Savior, a woman with a thirst for guilty blood. In a unique narrative described through contemplation and flashbacks, use your intellect to notice contradictions. Everyone's either lying, or not saying the whole truth. Get the details right, and you'll discover the mystery to a young boy's death.

This is my first game, and it was all made within 5 days... and nights without sleep. For a total of 11 endings, you have to be keen and open-minded to reach an end that reflects your morals. Make sure to get your clues right, because you need at least 3 in order to get the true 7 endings. The music was also made by me, but you may get that impression quickly.



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There is bug where you can't punish only "the freak control" girl (she is in the lower left conner). As far as I remember, you get punishment for the drugdealer instead.

P.S. RPG Maker MV is a buggy piece of bloatware. I suggest you to use RPG Maker VX Ace next time instead.

I played through the game and then returned to a previous save to see every true ending. I'll start with the good stuff.

The game has a fairly novel premise and is short enough that it remains engaging throughout. Colored lighting helped distinguish things visually and the panning transitions to flashbacks were pretty slick. It feels good when you can guess a clue through previous context.

On the other hand, it might just be that I missed something, but not all the clues felt intuitive. This was a problem, as they're one of the only points of player input in the game. The other is the final choice, which I found generally unsatisfying. The game admits that blame is a complicated situation, but doesn't really let you assign partial blame. You either murder someone or they get away with no consequence. In a related note, I couldn't get behind the protagonist. Their exchanges with the victim gave them a sort of implicit moral high ground I didn't think they deserved. Also heads up, I believe I found a bug. When you get the true endings and choose Ayanna it just plays Peter's ending with Savior standing backwards.

Overall, it was an interesting game. Not fantastic, but certainly not bad considering the time frame. If you ever make a similar game in the future I'd like to see more interactions in the detective-work stage, asking questions and gathering evidence. I think that's the most engaging part.

I absolutely appreciate the effort you took into analyzing the game. The toughest part was making the game feel like a game rather than just a narrative, and I believe time was the biggest constraint. I remember 1 clue being specifically weird for players, which I can change. I tried to just make it a 3/5ths thing rather than needing every clue right for that reason. In the future, I'd like Savior to have more of a motive behind her actions, because I understand she has an unfair and condescending ability. Technically, people could have mixed, shared, and other forms of blame, but I couldn't get that done in time. I hope these don't sound like excuses. It's more like "I hear you and want to fix that in future versions." Again, thank you for the constructive criticism, and the time you put into this game!

Having played through the game twice, after murdering an innocent the first time. I can say, I enjoyed this game and I think a lot of that is down to the premise itself, which is good. 
At first, I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with all the names, but thankfully the lighting helped a lot, which did make things a lot easier. 
I quite liked Savior at times, they were amusing in a very dark-comedy sort of way.
The only problem I really had with it was the music, being a bit repetitive but it didn't really hamper my ability to enjoy this game at all.

All in all, you should be proud of your first game and good luck in the contest.

Wow! It's such a relief to hear such positive things about this game. I felt the lighting shifts were necessary, so I had fun with colors to turn it into an aesthetic, rather than a burden. I completely agree with the music. It was last minute, and as I was trying to change it, I fell asleep the night of the deadline. I would honestly recommend people just mute it and play over their own music.

I'm also thankful for the comment about the premise. Considering Jigsaw just came out, I was worried this would be too similar. That helped put me at ease!